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    My ex kept asking me to call him. When i did, I heard a click, but didn't pay attention to it. Later my friends told me they were hearing a click from my cell phone. Now I'm hearing that click on my friends phone. He was able to download my contacts and now he's jumping onto my computer because I was connected to my wifi on my phone. Ive changed my wifi, but he installed malware all over. Now my phone has an Ebay app icon with a bright light covering a regular preinstalled app icon. I know he's not the one doing it, he's not smart enough. To confirm my knowing I'm hacked, he texted me and said I'm going to live a miserable life. Going to the police is a joke.
    08-07-2015 04:52 PM
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    It's not possible to install any malware with a phone call. Shouldn't be too hard to cut the loser off. Do these things, in order:

    1. Change you Google password. Probably a good idea to change all your passwords.
    2. To keep him from getting on your wifi while sitting in his car or hiding in the bushes, change your WiFi network name and password.
    3. Back up any photos, videos, music, etc on the phone you don't want to lose.
    4. Do a factory reset on your phone. Don't forget to use your new Google password during initial setup.
    5. In Settings > Security, DO NOT enable install from Unknown sources.
    6. Change your phone number. Only give the new number to family and friends you can trust absolutely without question to keep it private.
    7. Get a Google Voice number. It acts just like a second line for your phone. Use it to give to everyone else.

    The bozo will go away once he figures out he can't muck around with you or your stuff anymore. Lotsa Luck!
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    08-07-2015 05:43 PM
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    2. To keep him from getting on your wifi while sitting in his car or hiding in the bushes, change your WiFi network name and password.
    And turn off SSID broadcast, so unless he knows the router's name, he can't connect to it even if he knows the password. The phone won't find it.

    And it's not the police who handle phone hacking, it's the federal government that does. If you want to "make a federal case" out of it, the FCC's complaint form is at FCC Complaints. Unauthorized access to a computer (your phone is a computer, and he wasn't authorized) is a federal crime. They can even invoke anti-terrorist laws for the offense. (I hope he likes Cuban beaches.)
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    08-08-2015 02:18 AM

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