1. Mitchell Dubois's Avatar
    For my s6 active.

    As the title states, has anyone had luck finding a case that is thin enough to support wireless charging and has dust covers.

    Dust covers are absolutely necessary for the work I'm in and the little plug in one's are to easily pulled out of the phone to be of any use...

    3 weeks and my port look nasty, please help...

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    08-07-2015 09:50 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    The Otterbox defender is pretty tight (and shockproof - I've accidentally tested it a couple of times), and Qi charging works through it. The port cover doesn't open that easily - it should stay closed until you open it (mine for the Note 3 does). It's not a cheap case compared to some of the $10 or $19 ones, but it doesn't feel like one of them either.
    08-08-2015 12:33 AM
  3. Mitchell Dubois's Avatar
    I'll look into it, thank you. The port will only be used for emergency recharging, so staying closed won't be a problem.

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    08-08-2015 11:19 AM

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