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    Hi everyone - "long time listener/first time caller" --- Unlocked beloved S4 dropped one day after case broke. Black screen. Alerts, vibrations and 'home'/back button lights indicator lights working.

    I have hooked to PC. I can see the tree of folders of S4 listed (looking at it as an external hard drive -- thank God that feature didn't hold me up in inaccessible black screen). I have pulled photos, videos, music and SD card stuff out to PC and onto new s6. BUT, my s4 had the 'disable' developer bit on it, so the fancy 'Skies' and other user-interface programs cannot work to:

    1) how to pull my unsynched Calendar off of S4 to PC? (what folder is it in?)
    2) and even then, can I just drag S4 Calendar data folder - once off of S4 to PC - into new S6? ~Please and Thank You, everyone!
    08-08-2015 12:20 PM

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