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    I've been using Google Photos on various Android phones for a couple of years now, but this latest update is falling to pieces in a host of different ways. To keep it as brief as possible, here's a precise snapshot:

    1. Only the Camera folder now syncs. No longer do photos from other folders (downloads, Instagram, screenshots, etc) upload to Google Photos unless you manually share them to it.

    2. On a related note, when you view the device folders in Google Photos, you would get a cloud icon next to each folder that you could click to switch the upload feature on or off. Now you only see that icon next to the Camera folder (that explains the lack of upload but doesn't explain why you now can't do this or see the option).

    3. While upload to Google Photos is working for the Camera folder, according to the Device folders screen the cloud icon is greyed out! If I click it I get a "Turn on backup and Sync?" pop up and if I click on settings to enable it I can see that the toggle for backing up is off (even though it's working) with the Active Account field blank! If I try and adjust any settings in here they don't save.

    4. Backup is working on the Camera folder (as already stated) but replicating deletions from Google Photos to the Camera folder is sporadic, and often I have to check both locations.

    5. In the settings Google Photos 'Backup and sync' field constantly says "status updating..." so it's trying to do something all the time, which could explain why my battery is always running on empty.

    It's a strange array of problems. I've tried clearing cache, uninstalling the updates and then reinstalling them, forcing stop, signing out of my Google account on the device and then back in again. Nothing has fixed it, and whenever I try and mess around in the app my CPU overheats after about 5 minutes. I'm running a stock Nexus 6 too, so this should be a factory fresh experience. I can't believe they would have released something so buggy and at the moment I'm convinced the issue is on my end, but I'm running out of ideas. I think there is one solution to fix all of this rather than lots of individual fixes, so if anyone can suggest anything I haven't already tried to kickstart Photos I'd appreciate it.
    08-08-2015 03:15 PM
  2. Victor Vialy's Avatar
    I had the same problem. Tried a lot of workarounds, helped but not did not fixed the problem.
    Then, I downloaded "SD Fix Tool"
    It scans your whole phone (internal and external memory) so they can be used in Photos again.
    Hope this helps.
    It fixed mine perfectly
    08-14-2015 11:27 AM

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