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    Hi, I bought a huawei p8 lite today. When I first got it did i charge it for about 1 hour and turned it on after that. The setups and everything worked correctly. But just after some hours did it turn off. I thought it was the updates that drained the battery, so i recharged it once more. Afterwards I tried to reboot the phone, but it didnt work as it should. I helt the powerbutton for 5 secs as normal, but only the huawei logo came. The screen turned into black after the logo. I had it on for 25 minutes and tried everything, but it was still just black.
    Ive tried to:
    - hit the volume buttons : It came volum-sounds from the volume buttons. When I hitted the Down-button it took a Picture(the Picture sound came, but screen still black)
    - press Power button and toched and draged on the screen to unlock it, but without any rasults
    - hard reset it With holding Power-button and up-volum button for 15 secs( ive tried 30 secs too) but witout any results.(the logo came and the screen turned black afterwards)
    So this is all the information I have. I have not demaged it or dropped it in any ways. I hope you can help. I am happy for answers and replies Thanks for helping
    08-08-2015 05:06 PM

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