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    I am some what of a perfectionist when it comes to my phone. I notice the smallest lag , and any change that occurs. I never usually get quite bothered by updates , but since 5.1.1 it has forced me to go from loving my phone for the past year to nearly selling it tomorrow. . This form is my last resort. The amount of problems I am experiencing cant be a coincidence and I will list them below. ( this phone has made me nothing but happy, till now.)

    1. Phone takes atleast 5.0 seconds for screen to come on when pressing home key or unlock button. The keys will light up but screen will take an extra few seconds to respond.
    2. Phone will not charge, while on charger , unless turned off...Started right after the update ,not sure what could cause that.
    3.Apps*wont exit, but screen will go blank or bring me to the home screen without icons, they after a few moments bring me back to the app i had open, completely at random.*
    4. Phone tends to completely reset. It will do this while multitasking .
    5. Drop down menu will lag coming down, without any other programs open.*

    Im very strict about downloading. I dont have much on my phone besides music, photos and videos. Keeping my phone and computer well maintained is important to me and essential to my life. I dont understand why this is happening , and I hope others can help. The only good thing that came out of this is the fact I created my first form account*

    Would be amazing to get some responses, i will give more details if requested. Thank you everyone who reads.
    Also have done a factory reset with no positive results.

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    08-09-2015 11:30 PM

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