1. AC Question's Avatar
    I just purchased a Samsung Galaxy 6 and can't figure out how to turn off the "feature" where it automatically logs you into any "open" or "available" wi-fi networks. Please help, this is really frustrating.
    08-10-2015 12:06 PM
  2. JuliaVasina's Avatar
    Hi, simply go to: "Settings > Connections > Menu button > Advanced", then turn off "Always allow scanning" option and any "autoconnect" setting.
    08-10-2015 08:55 PM
  3. Marisol Marquez's Avatar
    yup I also have the same problem with the note 5. I get to the settings as you instructed but the option to turn off "auto connect" is grayed out and does not let me turn it off.
    08-31-2015 05:08 PM
  4. klundgreen's Avatar
    Done that. It keeps turning itself on.
    09-15-2015 12:32 AM

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