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    I have a 128 GB Galaxy S6 on Rogers Wireless in Canada. I have an intermittent issue where the phone becomes sluggish, hot, rapidly drains the battery and often will not send or receive SMS. Investigation through Settings->System->Battery->Battery Usage provides no clues. For example, battery depletes in 3h 36m, repored usage is: Screen-6%, Gmail-4%, Android OS-4%, Android System-4%, Google Play Services-4%, Google App-3%, Cell Standby-2%.

    I can often resolve the issue by booting into Recovery mode and wiping the cache partition. This fix typically only last for a few days before the problem reappears.

    The strange thing is that I experienced exactly the same issue on my Galaxy S3 on the same carrier.

    What further investigation can I perform? I suspect that I have a rogue app or maybe corrupt media file.
    08-10-2015 11:36 AM
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    Install Wakelock Detector. (If the phone isn't rooted, see Wakelock detector with non-rooted phone - it's annoying, but you won't have to do it too many times.) See if something is keeping the phone awake. (If it's the media scanner, it's probably a corrupt media file. Copy them all to a PC (keep the folder structure intact, so you can put them back correctly. Delete all of them. If that solves the problem,open each one in the PC and you'll find the corrupt one. Copy all the others back to the phone.)
    08-11-2015 01:09 AM

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