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    I recently switched from an IPHONE 5S to a Samsung S6. Love the phone but just some issues with email. I tried using several email clients on my Android but I was advised the best one to use is the GMAIL app. Generally it works good. Most importantly I am getting my emails in a timely matter which wasn't happening with the native Samsung email app. I have an IMAP account and want it to work in perfect harmony with my outlook client but it's not, Here are my questions and issues

    1) When I send an email from my Outlook client where does it show on my GMAIL app? I have a Sent folder and Sent Messages folder. I don't need both. I just want to see every email I send in one folder weather it be from my outlook client, GMAIL app or even webmail.

    2) I notice when I send an email from my GMAIL APP, I have like 10 copies in my Sent Messages folder. how do I resolve this?
    08-11-2015 12:59 PM
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    1. I don't think you can sync outgoing email across apps.

    2. That's why I stopped using GMail - it's flaky. I still haven't decided between an older version of K9 (I don't like the new version) or the Samsung email app. Neither one is really what I want, and I'm not in the mood to write yet another email app (I've written many email clients over the decades), but that's the only way to get exactly what I want.
    08-11-2015 03:45 PM

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