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    I have an AT&T branded Samsung S5 phone which is unlocked and I'm using with T-Mobile. How should I be receiving OS updates in general and in particular the update to the Stagefright vulnerability?

    My understanding is, T-Mobile doesn't want to touch it because it's not a T-Mobile branded phone and AT&T can't get it to me because I'm not on their network. How will I get the update?
    08-11-2015 02:09 PM
  2. bobweis's Avatar
    Hello. You need to download Samsung Smart Switch to your computer. You then can download an Android update directly from Samsung. Note that you have to reset and backup your phone. I was told by Samsung technical support (I just got off the phone with them) that you could also go the the "Samsung Experience" at BestBuy if you don't feel comfortable doing it yourself. NB: if the carrier has added things or fixed carrier-specific bugs you won't be getting those. You will not get any notifications of updates because you are not on the ATT network and you don't have a
    T-Mobile branded phone on their network.

    If I wasn't going out of the country in two days, I'd probably return my newly purchased Galaxy S5 and buy an
    iPhone. I don't think the carriers are allowed to mess with Apple's software so an unlocked phone will be getting updates directly from Apple not the carrier. But this is just a guess on my part.

    Hope this helps a little.
    09-14-2015 07:44 PM

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