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    I own a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 edition). The device has a total of 16 GB of storage memory.

    When I checked my tablet's storage space, I noticed I have very little space left. (only about 2 GB available). I also noticed an enormous amount of my space was taken up by "miscellaneous files" (7.2 GB which takes up roughly 60% of the 11.8 GB of space available once you subtract out the space taken up by "system memory" (which I assume is the operating system). This seems ridiculous to me since I haven't stored much on this device at all, it only has some apps, pics, and downloads.

    When I delved into the contents of the "miscellaneous files" further on my File Manager's storage analysis, I found what appears to be tons of junk data. The system has what looks like a cache of every download, screenshot or picture I've taken (including "deleted" files), a youtube cache folder, and the worst offender....the .frb folder containing the APPS FOLDER (taking up 6 GB) most of which are .com files that end in .apk (for example: .com.facebook.katana.apk).

    This makes NO SENSE, since the "used space" itself (i.e. all my apps, pics, downloads, etc.) only takes up 2.2 GB of space.

    Can I delete all this junk?? I want my space back, but I don't want to accidentally delete something that my tablet needs to run. Also, I don't want to accidentally delete my pics and files, although these are also saved under "used space" in "pics" and "downloads" appropriately. (Why would they need to be saved 2 or more times??) I'm not sure I should delete the whole Miscellaneous folder since it does have a few things like "Screensaver" which seem legit. It would be easy enough to go into file manager and manually delete the .frb folder or apps folder as well as stuff that screams junk like "BurstlyImageCache" and "facebookcache."

    Any help/experience would be greatly appreciated!
    08-11-2015 03:54 PM

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