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    I'm due for an upgrade and absolutely obsessing over the s6 active because I have an active lifestyle and hate phone cases, among other reasons. However, my iPhone 5 and rMBP combination has been amazing and I'm not sure how drastic of a change it would be. Can someone please give me first-hand knowledge on how these pieces work together and what apps I can get to create a similar ecosystem without breaking the bank and losing image quality?

    If you haven't had the experience of an iPhone/Macbook combo I'll explain it in further detail:

    Just by setting up an iCloud account on both it syncs basically everything over the cloud automatically and thats pretty much it.. and the same exact apps are on both devices. Examples:

    Safari: for web browsing (all bookmarks, passwords, etc. synced automatically)
    Mail: email accounts all synced auto
    Reminders: This is a big one for me because I'm usually on the run and I'm in college and work/own my own company so Its nice to have the reminders pop up on both devices.
    Notes: Ive heard evernote is good? haven't tried it yet
    Maps: Any address I've looked up on my iPhone is already in there when i get on
    Messages: Can text people from my macbook which is very useful
    Facetime: Don't care too much but its cool
    Photos: This is a huge one... any photo i take is already in my macbook when i get home without changing the file format or anything. What could I use that would be similar? and once getting them onto my macbook could I also get photos from the galaxy into iPhoto and would they still have the correct date taken?
    iTunes: is it easy to transfer the library to galaxy?

    Calendar: This is the MAIN concern i have. What app can you use to sync both devices with a good calendar, particularly one that has a full screen android widget?

    Sorry for the long post but I really want this phone and want to make sure I at least have an idea of how integration will be if I decide to switch.
    Otherwise I'll just wait a month for the next iPhone although i doubt it will be as good as the s6 active :/

    08-11-2015 05:26 PM

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