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    Slightly impatient with 9 hours, 345 views and ZERO answers... I need to recover data from my S3 which seems to be stuck at the 2nd Samsung screen during boot.

    Three days ago, as I was replying in gmail, my cell crashed. First, it went to a screen, ******for changing OS,***** with options of continue or cancel - I cancelled. Now it is stuck in a bootloop.

    I just want my data and am not scared to try and fail. Please, any answers are welcome, even if I fail. It is certainly better than doing nothing, I think What about Odin flash and recovery??? Does it wipe data ALWAYS or is there a possibility of success? I do not understand how to do it, but with some hand-holding, I am happy to try anything. I downloaded Odin3 but do not know the progression of steps to -even try- to be successful. Please do not disregard this message for lack of complete answers, I need something, please... Thank you , Kim. I still hope, or dream, for my android savior. I was a DOS programmer and, therefore, assume there is help available, albeit conservative/concerned. Do not be scared to lead me to unknown territory.

    So far I have: turned the phone on and off repeatedly, removed both sim and sd card, fully charged the battery, removed the battery for hours, gone into *recovery mode <3e> to repeatedly reboot the system and repeatedly wipe the cache, gone into download mode and did nothing and
    Plugged it into my pc, and: repeatedly plugged and unplugged S3, tried the adb shell command to receive 'error: device not found,' looked in explorer, looked at odin and twrp only to realize I do not know what to do there
    *recovery mode shows MANUAL MODE. --Applying Multi-CSC.... Applied the CSC code : AFR and Successfully applied multi-CSC.

    I am a recovering PC programmer (DOS) and am totally lost here. Please, in excruciatingly elementary details, how do I recover the data I neglected to backup. Most importantly are DejaCalendar and DejaContacts; secondarily, DejaTasks, documents and photos; and finally text and phone logs. Also, I would like to know how to de-bloat, de-everything from MY phone and -possibly- know the repercussions of doing that, other than voiding a warranty I never had because I bought it from Amazon

    Thank you for reading and please help me, Kim
    08-12-2015 09:43 PM

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