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    What happens if I don't download & install this 2KB update from Verizon for my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 phone when newer updates come out?

    I don't want any part of this update. I just want to be protected from the "Fright Virus".

    I dislike Samsung, Verizon, and ALL SOCIAL MEDIA that require I share my contacts, my photos, or any private info. So, when the next update is released and I haven't downloaded this current update, how do I skip winding up with this update anyway when the next new update becomes necesary?

    Will the next (future) update be able to be downloaded when I deliberately don't want & don't download this current update?

    Do I have to go purchase a non-Samsung, non-Verizon phone to get out from underneath the unnecessary snooping of material stored in my phone? Why is Samsung, Google, Verizon, etc wanting access to my private information as a condition of them providing a decent, respectable service?

    All this social media grabbing of private information is disgusting (especially for the price we pay for the phones & related hardware) plus the high price of data & service. Do you want us all to just leave to get away from your unreasonable demands for private info for your proprietary products to operate? You aren't that good nor that necesary yo put up with this EXPENSIVE FOOLISHNESS.

    How can I get you to provide your service and stay out of my bedroom!
    08-13-2015 01:22 AM

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