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    Hello, so my Lg g2 won't load at all. It has been in a factory for the last week as I broke my screen, when they gave it us back it wouldn't power on so we gave it the people back and it got sent off fixed and i got it back yesterday working fine.
    I woke up and my phone worked for 2 hours then i looked up at the TV, back down at my phone and it wouldn't work HELP. I was on 13% Battery so I am aware it's low but surely it can't drain in all of 5 seconds!!! Its currently been in the charger for about 10 minuets and it wont work. There are no LED notification charging lights or anything and it won't even load up to that start screen you get on the phone. Please help me as I'm on holiday in 1 day so I don't have much time.
    Any help is Appreciated - Sarah
    08-13-2015 07:09 AM

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