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    I have transferred some songs (in Mp3 format from iTunes Library) to my android phone, using Google Play Music app (the manager app I Guess we actually used for the transfer, but they appear in Google Play Music).

    I am trying to download these songs so that I can also play them on my New Sony Smarthwatch 3.

    When I go to a song I want to download I click on the Three dot icon, but I only get the following options: Start Instant mix, Shuffle, Play NeXT, Add to Queue, Add to Playlist, Go to artist, Shop for this artist.

    Some of the songs I have transferred from iTunes were originally purchased via Amazon, others have come from elsewhere.

    I have just purchased a New song straight from Google Play and this song does give me the option to download when clicking on the Three dot icon...

    What can I do to enable me to download the rest of my songs so I can have them on my Google wear?
    08-13-2015 07:30 AM

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