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    Hey, hope all is well?!!!!!
    So it all started yesterday my phone had turned off i thought it had pressed u against something in my bad so, when i attempted to turn it on it would not i pressed and held and held and held but nothing. i pulled the battery out and the initial screen Samsung Galaxy S4 came on but the screen went blank again i finally got in on 2 hrs later but it happened 3 or 4 times after one being when i was talking a screenshot. once i finally got it on for the last time i have not messed with the power button since.

    What made me think that it might be a virus is the fact that earlier in the day i had someone borrow my phone and when i looked in my search history there were some crazy adult sites that they had gone on so im not sure if its a virus but could it be possibility? if you can help me please i welcome all suggestions and ideas to help me get this figured out and back to normal
    08-13-2015 02:56 PM

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