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    I don't use this Voicemail T. application, and this morning found it downloading "mandatory" updates that didn't address any security issues (update notes state it was adding on ads and avatars) to their application. As well as trying to subscribe me to their monthly service which I don't use nor have I elected to use since starting my Boost Mobile carrier service years ago. I have my phone settings to not install updates without my authorization, so I'm not sure how this even happened.

    This particular application is pretty invasive and will not let you disable it even if you do not use the feature. I contacted my cell carrier to ensure they have me unsubscribed to the service and they will monitor it in the meantime as they are aware of the issue. However they were unable to do anything more than that at this time for troubleshooting support.

    The Boost Mobile carrier representative put me in touch with an LG Manufacturer representative since this is an application that's installed on the core KitKat Android OS when you receive the phone. My device is currently updated to run KitKat Android 4.42 Kernel Version 3.4.0+ Software Version LS660ZV5 at this time. The phone device I have is an LG Tribute LGLS660 obtained as of February. Unfortunately the LG representative was unable to assist either, per the representative, since that was pre-loaded onto the core OS which they have no control over -- they transferred me to Google.

    The Google representative was as helpful as possible, but they too were unable to assist. The only thing they could do was offer advise to check forums and submit my question on a few as well as taking a feedback report about this particular application. This hasn't helped me to remove it or disable it on the device. The LG Tribute doesn't have a lot of usable resources, as it is, since the OS itself takes up the bulk of the space (not a lot of room to download additional applications) forcing me to remove anything I don't use that came stock with the mobile device and can be removed to make room. (Which is very minimal unfortunately.)

    I don't need a voice-to-text service feature. Simply calling my voicemail and listening to my messages is fine with me since the trial version of the text feature was so garbled most times I never received an intelligible translated message I could understand. I've tried to go to the application developer's site Smith Micro Software, Inc. but their "Customer Care and Support - Send a Support Request" link is currently invalid.

    You can try to uninstall the updates, but it keeps popping back up that there are updates that are mandatory for installation for that application. I'm not comfortable with an application developer that creates a program that acts so intrusive to concern me about my mobile device and only form of communication being turned into a brick or potentially receiving something like "Stagefright" to exploit an issue in the OS. Nor do I like being subscribed to a feature/service I don't use.

    Is there a way to remove this application? I've been unable to get help going through other channels first with no luck.
    08-14-2015 10:01 AM
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    I wish I could find a solution to this: I have the same phone (LG Tribute) and problem with this invasive voicemail app. I've been ignoring the app's notifications for "mandatory" updates. Rather than allow it to force invasive & unnecessary updates on me, when I see the "mandatory" notification pop up, I go to the app's settings every time and I "force close" the app and clear all its data. However, this does not last very long...as I'll have to do this a handful of times everyday! Is there no stopping this insanely invasive & unnecessary app?!?!
    I'm planning to root my phone soon to address the SD card issue on kit kat android to allow me to store apps on my SD card again. (Especially helpful for the Tribute, as you've already mentioned there is limited internal storage! Indeed, and a chunk of it is wasted on a handful of unwanted, pre-installed apps) I'm imagining/hoping that once I root my phone, it may also provide some solutions to this invasive app problem too.
    Other than these 2 small issues, I'm very satisfied with the LG Tribute!
    02-20-2016 12:34 PM
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    I came here to find an answer to this exact question. What a piece of s**t bloatware! What's worse it you can't uninstall it. At least I haven't figure out how yet. It was on the main screen of my Galaxy s6, I just migrated from iPhone (thank god!!) and I thought this was my legitimate voicemail setup for the phone. NOPE it's some scummy commercial POS bloatware that disguised itself as the real thing "Set up your voice mail now!". Super annoyed by this. If anyone finds a solution I would love you long time! I hate the fact that this crap-ware has access to me voicemail now.
    03-05-2016 07:24 PM
  4. Abraxis0's Avatar
    Hey folks! I don't know if you're still paying attention to this thread anymore but this is a SPRINT problem (Boost Mobile is a subsidiary of Sprint. This is Sprint's go-to app for voicemail on Android devices. Picked a fine POS for their Android customers. Who doesn't love wacky Avatar's and constant updates! I Guess I'm just a grump! What truly chaps my *** about this app is that it won't let you set up a personal greeting until AFTER you record your name. I'd rather not do that. I'd rather my greeting comes on and is followed by a beep. I would hope if you called my number you knew who you were calling, if not then f**k right off!! That's it. No "Hello Random, this is Kalashnikov" or some such crap which is apparently a touted feature of this app when someone calls.

    BAH! I rant..Bottom line if you are a customer of Sprint or any of it's subsidiaries and use an Android device this is your voicemail now. Enjoy!
    03-05-2016 08:17 PM

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