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    I turned on an app that gives an audible every time I click a key. It's supposed to be helpful for those who have vision problems. It's very annoying and I can't get to my settings or to the app to disable it. Any suggestions? I double tap on the apps icon and it takes me to the first page of apps, but won't go to a second or third.
    08-14-2015 05:32 PM
  2. nahoku's Avatar
    What app did you install? What device do you have?

    Anytime a phone locks up like this, the usual recommendation is a factory reset. However, doing a factory reset will delete all your data, contacts, etc. You would need to have a backup of your data before resetting.
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    08-14-2015 07:03 PM
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    Thread posted twice, differently and also answered

    08-14-2015 07:40 PM
  4. Vallartachic's Avatar
    This was an app that came with the Motorola Droid Turbo from Verizon. I've only had the phone a couple of weeks and was just trying to see what this app did!!
    08-15-2015 08:50 AM
  5. nahoku's Avatar
    Ok, I thought you installed the app.

    So let me understand this a little more. When you go to your app drawer, you can't swipe left or right to move through the panels? Is this still the case? I'm not sure what might be causing this.

    Can you pull down your notification panel? If you can, there should be a gear icon at the top that will take you to Settings when you press it. You should be able to access the app you changed once you get in.
    08-15-2015 07:09 PM

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