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    It started yesterday morning. As soon as I tried to open any contact, the contact app would stop thus making it impossible for me to make any call unless I knew the number and dialed it manually.
    I have a factory unlocked S6 Edge with Android 5.1.1. Tried many different things: deleted the cache and data of the contacts and phone apps, cleared the partition cache, deactivated Google Plus, removed my Google account (all my contacts are stored on my Google account) and then added it again... nothing worked.
    Then I tried uninstalling WhatsApp. Presto!! It got working again. I think I updated to the last version of WhatsApp the day before, so that seems to be the culprit. Thing is, I can't get it to work again without breaking the contacts app. I tried deleting all my chats, videos and files, even the whole WhatsApp folder, still no solution.
    What can I do? How can I download the previous version and try if that works? If it doesn't, what else can I do?

    Thanks in advance!
    08-15-2015 12:06 AM

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