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    I have noticed an issue with my audio on my nexus 6 where if my Bluetooth is enabled the device will play audio such as music (the main thing I use the onboard speakers for) or YouTube videos at an extremely low volume. The weird thing about the issue is 1. The device displays the Bluetooth icon on the volume slider even though no headset is connected. (I have the moto 360 and try to keep my Bluetooth on for the smart unlock feature, the phone recognizes this as a no audio device). 2. As soon as I turn off Bluetooth the issue is resolved, of course as stated prior, I try to avoid turning off my Bluetooth due to the smart unlock feature.

    Steps taken:
    1. Rebooting phone- this seems to have a temporary effect. I can get it to work for a couple of hours after a restart.
    2. Force stopped Bluetooth and cleared cache and data. This does not seem to have an effect.
    3. Deleted all audio related Bluetooth devices. Also no effect
    4. Clearing all app cache

    Does anyone know what could be causing these issues? I have tried looking everywhere and can't find anything.
    08-15-2015 03:37 AM

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