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    I am currently deployed overseas and in my room, I left my phone on a flat surface next to the wall of my room. Well when i got home, i picked up my phone and it was soaked in a pool of water and would only flash a battery symbol with a "!" So i let it sit for about a month torn apart to dry and tried a friends battery and it started right up but wont charge and we tested my battery to be good and would charge in his phone. So i ordered a new usb card for the phone, but now after taking out the usb card the phone wont turn on at all with my battery or my friends. I tried plugging the old usb card back into the phone and still wont turn on. Is there some kind of safety feature that keeps it from turning on with the back cover off or is my old usb card just completely shot where it wont let the phone boot anymore and just need to wait on my new one.
    08-15-2015 10:11 AM

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