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    I've been waiting with intent for the Note 5 to surface but heard reports that it could now be early next year. That and the fact there's no removable battery and no sd storage, well it's open game now. They were the only reasons I bought the note 4, because I could add movies to a Micro SD and even if the battery went I could pop a new one in. Now they've decided to go that way with the Note I am really disappointed.

    Does the S6 have the same camera and software in as the S6 edge+? I like the + because of its larger size but if the camera is no better I think I will get the S6 as the camera is supposed to be superb. How much better than my current Note 3 though I don't know.

    I'd appreciate some help here as I am a little confused
    08-15-2015 07:50 PM

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