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    my phone is htc desire eye 16 GB apps are 4 GB gallery is 2GB and other are 10 GB what is other and how can i remove it and why it takes soo much from the memory also when i get the phone it was 6 GB
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    08-17-2015 10:30 AM
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    Part of that 10GB is "Miscellaneous" - the data your apps are saving. Some of it is Android and the kernel (Linux). Part of it is cache - data that some apps save so they don't have to start all over each time you run them. (Android can kill any app at any time. The app has to save its current state at all times in case that happens. When you close the app, that data should get deleted, but if the phone crashes, or you pull the battery or turn the phone off, the app never gets the chance. Go to the "Cache" line in storage and it'll ask you if you want to clear the cache. Clear it.)

    But most of that space, after you've been using a phone for a while, is the data the apps are saving. Contacts, locations, whatever data the apps you use store. You can factory reset your phone every week, but that would waste a LOT of time, setting it up again each time. You just get used to the fact that you can't put an infinite amount of data on any computer.

    (If there are pictures you don't need on the phone all the time, copy them to your computer and a cloud account and delete them from the phone.)
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    08-17-2015 12:09 PM

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