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    First of all I have the delivery report setting checked.
    Second of all my network provider says they don't support this feature and I don't want to change to a network that does as they probably charge me for the privilege. My current provider says that me and the person have to use an app that supports sms delivery reports but this can't be done. Is there any way without being forced for me and the person I send an sms to for us to get an app that supports delivery reporting and be on the same app to have this work. One site I looked up said to add *0# in front of the number but i sent myself.a test text and it didn't send just looked like it sent but I never received the text. If i am stuck with me and the person I send a sms to using the same app as their is no other option then I will just accept it.
    08-17-2015 07:40 PM

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