1. Metaal Boddha's Avatar
    I have recently purchased Xperia Z3+ and I have this strange issue which prevents me from adding contacts to google account on phone but if i add contacts to google account online they download onto the phone.

    So I thought it was a "tickbox item" i might have played with at some stage, so i went through all the contacts related settings and nothing seemed to stand out. only thing that stood out was ability of outlook to sync my google contacts, which i ended up removing. keeping in mind the outlook active sync works fine when adding new contacts to it.

    To get around the google contacts issue i have reset my phone to factory settings about 5 times so far. here is the breakdown:
    -once the phone was reset, I added my google account only and everything worked fine. I could add contacts and everything "only until" i did not update any of the apps on my phone.
    So i thought it was a compatibility issue so i started to narrow down apps which caused the issue.
    so i went back to resetting phone, narrowed the app down to outlook app. the moment i updated outlook app contacts were stuffed again; i.e. could not to google account again.
    There I was on the resetting phone road again, this time it was realestate app..

    I am not sure if it is a compatibility issue anymore because my brother has the same phone with both these apps and his phone works fine.

    One fine detail I noticed was that during initial setup, after i added my google account during first login, google account was not mentioned in the one of the 5 setup screens but somehow facebook was not sure why my google account was not shown there.

    Also to get around the issue i also tried managing my contacts through contacts+ and it looked like it was working but it wasn't really coz when i added new contacts to google synced contacts they just saved without names.

    Please reply to this thread as resolution for this problem will remove this headache. If it is a tickbox item I would have a good laugh at the very least.

    08-18-2015 07:20 PM
  2. Fabio Lena's Avatar
    I have the same problem!! plese help....

    if i leave secondary nano sim, all is ok... problem with hardware or firmware?
    08-27-2015 10:05 AM
  3. GaryBeilby's Avatar
    I can confirm this. Xperia Z3+ dual.
    When I have both sims in I can only save contacts local to the phone. The account selection section is unclickable.
    If I remove the second sim the account selection section on the create new contact becomes a clickable pulldown box and allows choice between phone local only and google account.

    Saving contacts local to a phone is useless and I stopped doing it many years and phones ago.
    This is obviously a bug and Sony need to fix it!

    What is especially painful is that after I have saved a contact locally on the phone I can't find a way to transfer it over to my Google contacts.
    12-20-2015 12:10 AM

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