1. AC Question's Avatar
    I am trying to sign in to the YouTube app on my android phone. I tap:

    1. My channel
    2. Add account
    3. Enter my YouTube username and password.
    4. Says the username or password isn't valid.

    I have triple checked that the username and password are correct.

    08-20-2015 02:43 AM
  2. thetechnoholic's Avatar
    Okay hello AC so first update to the latest version of youtube and that's 10.31.55. Then you don't need to press on channel and that's why the info aren't correct because you do not have a channel assigned to that account. Just press option key (next to the home button), if you have a new device that should be the task manager then press and hold the key you will get options then click sign in and you are good to go . Let me know it it worked
    Regards thetechnoholic
    08-20-2015 05:13 AM

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