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    So yesterday, like 6am I received an mms (who use that anyways) from this girlfriend of a friend I had met 6 months ago but never texted with or anything, actually forgot we had exchanged numbers.

    So the time and the sender don't add up.

    And then in my pull down menu it showed some of the mms picture, i swiped it off, feeling iffy, yet groggy given the time.

    Turned off network and wifi, went in to messages and opened it to delete it, not clicking the picture. and there were no written words at all, just the pic. deleted it, run a scan, came up clean. Went in to see if I could block all mms activity all together. I could only turn off the auto retrive, did that.

    Then I got error message with this warning sign from my outlook app that wouldn't swipe away. My outlook app which has 2 accounts attached to it, saying i had to log in all over, never got that before.
    When i did, I got failure/wrong account first time for both.
    Then second time it went through.

    Well, today i get this ''message not sent'' whenever i send or receive a sms, although they actually got through.

    I am suspicious thinking the message not sent error might be some virus, like a failed to deliver thing if my phone was sending out wormy mms that i was unaware of. And that it somehow get's activated everytime I use the default sms app.

    Any experiences with this?
    the idea that ''message not sent'' could be related to a virus infection was my first thougth, but have been googling myself green without any results nor mention of the possibility of that.

    The mms picture, if that is what it was (could be a video gif whatever) was like of a dodgy pc screen with black and white stripes on it.

    I am on LG3, kitkat 4.4.2
    Never used google hangout or whatsap just the default system.

    Please help
    08-20-2015 05:32 PM

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