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    I'm using the LG D415 (Optimus L90).

    I've been looking everywhere, and can't seem to find a specific answer. Is it possible to roll back from Lollipop?

    I absolutely hate it. My battery life is screwed up. Texting hangs.. It won't send messages up to 15 minutes, and seems to bug out if the battery goes below 50%. Even being on, or near a WiFi network seems to bug texting out (I've been testing, and can't seem to get consistent operation, but I know Wifi networks are messing with it to a degree). It takes 30 seconds for the home screen to load up. Apps don't work right all the time. My keyboard behaves bizarre. I'm absolutely sick of it.

    Can anyone help me please?
    08-21-2015 02:34 AM

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