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    from the rumour .. they expect that xperia z5 have the same processor with oneplus 2 which is snapdragon 810 . don't know if that really valid or not .. btw i've planned to use my device for gaming ( hard gaming ) and mod it , also i use
    i knew that xperia will good at this .. or it might be oneplus 2 also good at this with their cheap price .. ?? i don't know ..
    the reason i ask this cause i need smartphone as fast as it could and also oneplus 2 is cheap , so .. it is really confusing. I really like both of the phone .. and also .. is nfc really needed in smartphone nowdays ? and for someone who already use oneplus 2 , is the battery drain really fast ???

    please answer it .. i will reply this as soon as possible

    please help me guys .. i'm so confuse right now )):
    08-21-2015 11:25 PM

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