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    Hi all, I was hoping someone could help me get rid of these pop-ups on my Sony Xperia Z3c. The pop-ups always say "your battery has a problem" and how I need to install Battery Doctor (an app by Cheetah Mobile). The pop-ups:
    - Appear about once every 12 hours or so
    - Are made to resemble an Android Material Design notification
    - They take up the whole screen and occur regardless of which app I am using at that time.
    - I can get rid of them by pressing the back button

    I'd love to delete the thing that's causing this. I have never installed Battery Doctor and I deleted the only app on my phone by Cheetah Mobile, thinking that these pop-ups would go away. If someone could suggest where in my file system to look for files to delete, I'd really appreciate it.

    I just moved to Android from Apple and this sort of crap never happened on my iPhone!

    Thanks in advance
    08-22-2015 01:14 AM

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