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    I have a really big problem. I have this tab from a few months ago and there's nothing like this problem before. One day when I wanted to do a screenshot of something it suddenly says that the system UI has stopped. I clicked ok and it keeps popping up and is annoying.

    I restarted my tab and it buffers for a looooooong time days even. I tried to power it off and open it again but still the same result. I tried making it open so the battery would finish and charge it. It worked but I needed to try it for more than 5 times. The worst part is it started to pop up messages about the UI system stopped (AGAIN) and it's driving me insane and it suddenly restarted by itself.

    this problem occurred 4 times already. I'm afraid that it will broke and not be usable anymore. It may be an app problem but I can't uninstall it since pop those messages up and suddenly restart by itself. And if it really needs to be repaired I'm scared that it will my parents angry at me, since I'm not really a person that takes good care of things.

    (sorry for poor grammar, I was really panicking hard that I can't even have proper words to type)
    08-23-2015 02:00 AM
  2. tarun the great's Avatar
    hey, you need to reset ur phone immediately plz fast do it and tell me what happended>>
    03-22-2016 03:28 AM
  3. AlphaTango414's Avatar
    Boot into recovery and wipe system cache. Try this first.

    If you are still experiencing problems, try backing up what you need and boot back into recovery and do a factory data reset.
    03-22-2016 05:06 AM

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