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    For me, it's time for an upgrade, and I have spent my days looking at the latest android phones (not too much of a fan of IOS or Windows phones), but can never make my mind up, but today I swear to making my decision. At first I thought that I would go for the S6 as it is probably the fastest, or most powerful, on the market right now, with a good screen size and brilliant camera, but what horrified me was the battery life everyone was talking about, and lack of removable back cover, that, from previous, Android experience is very useful, as Micro SD slots are much more useful than spending £50+ more on a storage upgrade. 3 hours of battery life would never work for me as I am a moderate/heavy user, and external battery packs are just a 'drag'. I have been looking into other phones like the LG G4, but I, unlike others, don't like the fact it is on phablet territory.**If you have any suggestions about phones you think are good or phones you've had experiences on, I would be very grateful if you could tell me as I'm pretty confused right now, thanks again. B)
    08-23-2015 04:02 AM

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