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    I recently "upgraded" from the Samsung Galaxy S4 to the LG G3. While I feel like there are definitely things about the phone that are better than the S4, I've also come to miss some things (or simply cannot find the option in the settings menu). The big one, currently, is being able to increase the touch sensitivity. It was nice on the Galaxy line of phones because it allowed you to keep winter gloves on and still use the phone, and kept screen protectors from being an issue. I bought an OtterBox Defender which (for people who may not know) has a built in screen protector. Ever since putting it on the phone, I'm finding myself having to tap MUCH harder on the screen to get it to respond. The protector can be removed, but I'm hoping to avoid that. Does anyone know if the G3 HAS the option to increase the touch sensitivity? Thanks in advance!
    08-23-2015 12:12 PM

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