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    I have done some searching but none of the threads I can find seem to answer my particular situation. My wife uses an iphone and I use an S6. She uses Yahoo for her mail, and the default calendar in iOS for all of her calendar needs. I use Gmail and Google Calendar. What I want to do is change her default calendar to one that I can also use so that when she adds an event I will see it (color coded) on my calendar. Second, I want to be able to create an event and have it pop up on hers the same way.

    Bonus points if I can also get those calendar events to show in Google Now.

    She does have a Gmail email address that I imagine I could utilize, but I just cant figure it out because if I add that email to my phone, wont it basically log me in all over the place with her Google stuff? Please help, Im always forgetting family things!!!
    08-26-2015 09:44 AM
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    Almost anything except the default iPhone calendar would make this pretty easy. If she switched to Yahoo or Google Calendar, things are more easily shared.
    There are some potential workarounds here - see item 4. Techniques to Share Apple and Google Calendars - Tuts+ Computer Skills Tutorial
    There are also some apps, like UpTo, which you could both install and enable sharing. I have not tried it personally but the reviews are not bad.

    Or she can just, when creating a calendar event, invite you and the invitations will place everything on your calendar.
    08-26-2015 02:48 PM

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