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    I am very new to this forum and I hope I don't upset anyone by breaking any forum rules. I have come across a very unique(at least I think so) problem with an HTC Evo 4g(Sprint). I recently broke my phone and I am waiting for replacement parts so that I can fix it so I decided to use an old phone I had sitting around to play games on wifi. The phone was working fine as usual(had a cracked screen already but worked great) until I dropped it. it took impact on the top left corner of the screen. it cracked it a little bit more. The battery fell out during the fall so after that I put it back together and booted it up. The wifi would no longer turn on(would constantly say turning on) and the SD card would not mount. I tried everything I know how to do to make it function but to no avail. finally I decided I was going to ignore the wifi for now because I at least wanted access to my music. so I pulled the SD card out and plugged it into my computer. everything was functioning fine. so I turned the phone back on and the wifi turned on just fine. I put sd card back in and wifi wont turn on. I tested this about 5 times by taking it in and out and everytime, wifi wouldn't work if SD card was in but would if I took it out.

    HTC Evo 4G(Sprint.

    Model Number:

    Android Version:

    Baseband version:

    Kernel version:

    Mod version:

    Build number:
    ev_supersonic-eng 4.2.1 JOP40D
    08-26-2015 11:12 AM

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