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    I know this topic has been beaten to death but I felt it'd be good to get feedback in 2015 instead of reading mainly outdated 2014 posts. I'm currently on the M7 and those 2 phones are my upgrade options. I absolutely love the premium build of the One series as well as the boomsound speakers. My main qualm is that I feel like there isn't much that will be new with the M8 whereas the LG G3 seems to have tons of cool features (ex. Dual Window, knock code, custom buttons on the bottom, more personalization..).

    Is there really much of a difference between the M7 and M8 software-wise (both on lollipop)?

    What's your experience with an updated LG? Does it still overheat?

    Please share your opinions, I'm desperate!
    08-26-2015 01:09 PM
  2. Morty2264's Avatar
    Though I do not nor have I owned any of the HTC One M Series phones, I am actually deciding between purchasing an LG G3; or waiting a few more months to purchase an HTC product, etc. I've done a lot of research on the G3 and have read a lot of reviews. It won Smartphone of the Year last year, and as such, has gotten a lot of positive reviews. Obviously, I read some negative ones - which happens with any device - but I've heard more than a couple users rave about the same things: battery life, great features, camera, display (especially the display and camera), etc. Like you, I am really excited for the knock code.

    With regards to the M series, I only really know about the M9. I know the sound quality is supposed to be awesome; but I am not sure of how much of a difference there is/will be between the M8 and the M9. Hopefully another user can answer that for you. However, the fact that the M8 and LG G3 are at feasible prices now (the G3 is now $19 at Rogers on a two-year contract, so I am assuming it is of similar price elsewhere), both are, in my opinion, great options for a new device. I also thought of finding an HTC M8 and buying it; but what sells me a lot on the G3 is the screen size. You get a lot of bang for your buck! If you're the kind of person who watches TV/movies on your phone or who plays games, etc., I am sure you will love the screen quality and size of the G3. Even when I was looking at flagships like the M9 and Sony Xperia Z3, the fact that they would still be 5" and 5.2", respectively, was enough to make me look back at the G3. However, if you really like the HTC One M series, maybe going to your carrier and asking for a full-on review/impression of the M8 would be beneficial for you.

    Let us know what you decide! A new phone is a big decision, and I am sure you will make the right choice for yourself.
    08-26-2015 03:53 PM

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