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    My phone dropped out of my pocket on a roller coaster. The phone was later found with a shattered screen and it buzzed every 15 seconds until the battery finally died. It would appear to charge if plugged in so I tried connecting it to my computer to see if it would download any pictures. Since the screen was shattered I couldn't do my passcode to open it and therefore the software didn't initiate the download process. I also took the SIM card and put it into a Droid Maxx phone, but no luck. Verizon made it sound like my data isn't accessible since I didn't use the Verizon Cloud, but honestly I didn't feel like the associate overall was much help. Is there any way to read the info on the SIM card?
    08-26-2015 08:46 PM
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    Welcome to Android Central! The only data that the phone might store on the SIM would be contacts and SMS messages. Photos don't save to the SIM card--they save to the internal storage. If the phone turns on, you could try to access the files using this method: http://forums.androidcentral.com/gen...ed-screen.html. If the phone can't be turned on, then you're probably out of luck. Sorry!
    08-27-2015 01:36 AM

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