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    Hi I m from Nepal.Hope i can a assistant in this issue.
    I bought this phone a year a ago.
    It is Color's mobile Color's X-Factor (X130_HD) model.

    I m having this issues since long. So m not using this mobile for time being.
    The problem is, it is showing very poor network like one or no bars and sometime no service.
    Whenever i try to dial any number its say not registered on Network.
    And i tried registering it by automatic search and manual.

    So sometime it scans for the networks and some times gives error "Can't connect to this network right now".

    when i try *#*#4636#*#* and under phone information i cannot turn on the cell radio.
    Even if i tap on "Turn on the radio" nothing happens.
    I think its the cell radio to do something with it.

    I think i have tried everything upto now..

    1. on/off simple methods.
    2.flashing the mobile with stock rom from XDA using flash tools.
    3.HARd reset
    4.Cache reset

    i'm fed up with this issue.
    please help
    08-27-2015 05:05 AM

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