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    So I'm looking to get a new phone soon, I currently run a OnePlus One and a Blackberry Passport.

    I love the BB Passport as a device the screen aspect ratio is amazing, the physical keyboard takes me back to the time of the Motorola Milestone and I'm still hoping that we'll get an option to update to Android once the silver BB Passport Android is out.

    The OnePlus One is more of a meh for me, I loved it for the 6-10 months of use and still use it, it felt perfect at the time since then (especially if you got an early invite) it was a true flagship killer. But it has it's downsides the IPS screen is a power *****, the Camera is still great but the support for 3rd party camera apps isn't that good, it's a bit slow, and the software updates weren't really as fluid as promised especially once they hit a rift with the Cyanogen Mod folks.
    And while Oxygen OS started nice since the OnePlus 2 came out it seems that the OxygenOS releases for the OnePlus One will be very delayed (no version 2 this year)

    The OnePlus 2 is a huge disappointment for me from they cut all the wrong corner, the 810 is kind of a problematic SOC (Even with improvements the 810 is run's too hot, takes too much juice and many still say that the 801 is a better choice), the screen is the same, you get 1GB more RAM if you take the 64GB model, but you lose NFC (which now might be useful with Android Pay) and it's really not an upgrade of the OnePlus One.

    For the most part the OnePlus 2 is a reshuffle of the OnePlus one with weird feature set choice by Oppo(which they'll fix in their "higher end" OnePlus 2 aka Find 9 or what ever the "Find" version for it will be) and the same annoying viral marketing and artificial scarcity campaign.
    And since their poor software support for the OnePlus One I've pretty much lost all faith in these guys and will not be betting on them again.

    Now I got a couple of options in mind currently like the Moto X Style/Game/Raw or which ever version they'll end up having in the UK for their high end upgrade. Or the Galaxy Note 5 if it will be ever released in Europe this decade.

    But I've also been looking at other phones like the soon to be announced Sony Xperia Z5. Sony phones were always quite stylish and have had very good specs about especially in the media (camera, screen, audio) departments but I never had experience with a Sony phone since the Sony Ericsson Walkman :P

    The thing that worries me the most is getting software updates, I don't trust Samsung anymore since the Galaxy S2 they've been really ****ty about them but it seems that there's almost no information about how good or bad Sony is in supporting their phones.

    If any one has experience with them or can give a credible source for their claims otherwise i would really like to hear about it.

    Recommendations for other upcoming devices are welcomed but please no Buy X instead of Y comments on their own
    08-27-2015 07:22 PM

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