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    Update: my title was supposed to be "Pics on SD card appear broken. "

    I bought a 128gb card. I copied and pasted pics from old card onto PC. I then put new card in Note 4, formatted it, then dragged old pics onto new SD card on phone (via USB cord.) In the gallery I can't view any of them. I'd I use a file Explorer I can view some. What's the deal?

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    08-27-2015 07:36 PM
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    What you did should work. Is the directory correct? Using My Files in the app drawer... this is the directory of the SD card... Local Storage > SD card > dcim > Camera

    I always backup my photos to a folder on my PC, and whenever I factory reset, I normally just copy my photos to my SD card through a card reader, rather than via USB to phone. You might try that to see if it changes anything.
    08-27-2015 08:43 PM
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    Mod note: Title fixed.
    08-27-2015 09:01 PM
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    Copying then looking in Gallery won;t show you the files you just copied.

    Gallery looks in a database created by Media Scan to determine which files to show you. Media Scan runs when you start or restart the phone, or when you do something media-related like taking a picture or recording audio. It doesn't run when you copy files.

    Run media.Re.Scan after copying files, then open Gallery and you should see them. As for the ones that "look broken" when you viewed them with a file manager app, run SD Insight on the SD card and see if it's a genuine card. (If it was made in 1970, it's definitely counterfeit, but you may find that it's a 2GB or 4GB cad, programmed to say it's a 128GB card.) That will mess up a lot of files you copy to it, because once you've exceeded the actual capacity of the card, existing files start getting written over.

    Then again, you could just have a defective card. Check the pictures in the PC. If they're bad there, they're going to be bad. If they're good there, the problem is on the card or in the copy process. (For instance, copying gigs of data through an external USB hub usually overheats the hub and causes missing pieces of files.)
    08-27-2015 10:40 PM
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    I would think that when you open the Gallery, the gallery would scan the folder to create the thumbs (and automatically create the database also?). Whenever I want to transfer a few photos or videos, say for a contact, or my golf swing, from my PC to my phone, all I do is connect my phone to the PC via USB and copy the files (drag/drop) to one of my photo/video folders on the phone or SD card. When I open the gallery to check it, the files all display fine. I have had no problems seeing any photo or playing any video and I've never needed to restart my phone to get it to work.
    08-27-2015 11:12 PM
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    Rukbat, thanks. SD insight says the SD is invalid. It's a Samsung card though.

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    08-28-2015 11:57 AM

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