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    Hey all!
    I'll begin by saying that this is my first foray into the world of tech-based forums and I can't be certain that I'm in the right place. I apologise in advance if I am not, and this question is either irrelevant to what is normally discussed here, or if it breaks forum rules. I just want a simple answer, and/or somewhere to start because I truly have no idea.

    So, I've been using a Nokia brick for a long while, and it has served me well. In the past, all I needed was something that could send texts, make calls and store a few phone numbers. Simple. No camera, no fancy touch-screen, no crazy app-rubbish and no internet - I have a laptop for all that. It has lasted a good five years in my pocket and the one before lasted almost as long before I "upgraded".
    However, I've finally decided that I need to move up a few rungs on the technological ladder. It's too inconvenient, no matter my personal objections or the practical benefits, to remain in the age-before-flip-phones.

    This is where you come in. You see, I don't want the latest in fancy smartphone technology. Those phones are expensive, fragile, burn through battery life and the touch-screen keyboards are too fiddly for my prehistoric hands. Unfortunately, the features I'm truly invested in are apparently quite difficult to find together in the same physical device. Here are my criteria:

    1. I must have a phone with a physical keyboard. That's right; buttons to press. It can fold up, slide in or have the keyboard exposed - I don't mind - but there needs to be a "real" keyboard on the device.

    2. I need to be able to run apps. Stuff like public transport route-finders, maps with GPS, and similar. I don't need the kind of power/internet speed to run Facebook or anything, just these will be fine (though, I'll admit I'm not particularly familiar with what this entails)

    3. The phone must be TOUGH. I'm going to drop this eventually, and in that event I don't want to go and replace a screen worth more than my current phone. I want this phone to clatter to the floor and get back up unscathed every time. If you can recommend a brand of case or something that will give this result, then that's acceptable, too.

    4. If the phone has a touch-screen, then that screen needs to last. If I can't go without the screen, then it's no good to me when that screen goes patchy and loses sensitivity after a year. So, a minimum screen/battery/general phone life of a few years is very important. I'm making this change for the long haul. Don't make me go searching again next year.

    5. Finally, I need battery-life. I don't use my phone all day every day, so I shan't be burning through much battery power in general, but I want to be able to leave it on standby in my pocket for as long as possible before having to put it on charge. I can't stand how modern smartphones run dry in less than a single day. If I can get something that will last a week, then that's the priority. Otherwise, I guess the minimum I'd like is a solid 48 hours.

    Hopefully that's not too daunting a task. I haven't the faintest clue where to start searching, so even just a vague pointer or a selection of rough model-numbers or series of devices would be excellent.

    08-28-2015 06:08 AM

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