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    I received a brand new Samsung Galaxy 3 phone about a yr ago. A few months ago I was told the port was loose & I'd have to use an external charger which has been working great until this past Sunday. Every time I put the battery in the charger it would be blue even though the battery was drained. It doesn't turn red at all. Usually it starts at red and turns blue when it is fully charged. So, after talking to someone at Samsung I bought a new battery which arrived today. I put it into the external charger - same deal it was blue. Not red at all. I then put the new battery in the phone. The battery was almost full and it worked great until I tried to take a picture with the phone. So now, with the new battery ... the phone turns on but doesn't stay on. It turns off just as the sprint logo appears. I have tried holding down the 3 buttons and doing the wipe thing but that doesn't work. Also, after I put the new battery in this mornimg the LED light which turns blue then just before it turns off kinda starts flashing blue and greenish. I'm wondering if the problem is the charger and not the battery. Should I get a new charger or take it to a tech specialist? I appreciate your time and help. Thank You!
    08-28-2015 06:10 PM
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    Sounds as if 1) the charger is shot and 2) you drained the new battery and can't charge it. You probably need a new charger. See if your carrier will try to charge the battery - if it charges, buy a new charger. (You can get decent universal chargers on Amazon for under $10. (I use Amazon.com: Neewer® Black Universal LCD Indicator US Plug Usb Wall Battery Charger For Cell Mobile Phone ": Cell Phones & Accessories It takes a little effort to get an LG G2 battery into it [it's a wide battery], but it's charged everything I've thrown at it - even batteries that are discharged so far that the phone won't charge them.)

    I'll bet that you usually drain the battery pretty fully before charging it. Lithium batteries don't last long if drained lower than 40%.
    08-28-2015 07:01 PM

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