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    I had my note 4 for about a month i but a glass screen protector but there was air in the edges and the front camera was not so clear as a naked phone , so i removed it.
    And i bought a good case.
    So is the note 4 can be scratched in a normal conditions.

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    08-29-2015 03:42 AM
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    The Note 4 glass, while scratch resistant, can still be scratched. There are numerous reports on this and it happens on all phones. Highly recommend a screen protector. I use the iCarez and there is no halo effect. Just be careful when putting it on as you need to center it. Clean the screen very well and try to minimize dust by installing it in a clean environment. If you mess up, you can still lift the protector off to reposition. I had to do three attempts before I got it like I wanted it.

    As with any Note 4 glass screen protector, due to the curvature of the screen, the protector will not go to all the edges. In the case of the iCarez, it goes just beyond the "illuminated" edges on the side and somewhat further top and bottom. The case on my phone is the Samsung Protective cover. It has a hard back-shell, and is a "minimal" type case. Very nice case, actually, with good corner bumpers, and keeps the phone fairly slim.

    Almost forgot... the iCarez won't affect the front camera one bit.

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    08-29-2015 04:13 AM

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