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    I created an Android Studio project a couple weeks ago called "Game (No Ads)". In actuality it's not literally called "Game" but I just don't want to reveal the real name of my app since it's irrelevant. The "(No Ads)" portion is actually in my app name though after the real name of the app.

    My package name is "com.website.gamenoads", which is also in the AndroidManifest file.

    I completed the app a few days ago and submitted it to the Google Play store for review. On the Google Play store, I named my app the same exact name I named it in my Android Studio project and package name, which is "Game (No Ads)".

    The App was rejected 1 hour later because I had a PayPal donate button (didn't know it wasn't allowed). Since then I decided to add more features to my app and get rid of the donate button. I integrated In-App Billing, but have not uploaded an Alpha version of the APK yet for testing.

    I now desire to change the name of my app to show on the Google Play store as "Fun Game (No Ads)". I don't mind if my game icon and package name stay the same as simply Game (No Ads) and com.website.gamenoads because the users would rather not see the "Fun" part of the app name on their device. I want the "Fun" part to be seen on the Google Play store though because it describes the app better and better for marketing.


    My question is: what do I do in this situation? In my developer account, should I simply change the name of the rejected app on the Google Play store, resubmit the app, and call it a day? Or should I create a new Android Studio project with the package name com.website.fungamenoads, copy all of the code over to the new project, and create a new app listing on the Google Play store for it?
    08-29-2015 07:05 PM

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