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    I need help in resolving my situation

    Regarding my Case Number: [number removed by mod] for my Samsung Galaxy S5 4G mobile which I purchased 8 months ago, on 15/October/14 at the Phone Store, CMH road, Indiranagar is still within warranty.

    Kindly find below a detailed timeline of the sequence of events that transpired and the sordid tale of multiple times of critical data loss

    1. Since I bought the phone, I noticed that it occasionally restarted on it's own, as I am from the IT Technical field, I knew that this is a familiar occurrence with Android phones so ignored it as everything else was working as expected.
    2. But in May 2015, I received an automatic pushed update from Samsung to update to Lollipop version from Kitkat which I promptly did. After this update the phone restarting became more frequent and at that time too I had to travel and I did not use the phone as international roaming was not activated but only used WIFI, at this point of time, the phone was restarting nearly every hour and eventually stopped working and I could not use the phone at all for 2 weeks.
    3. After I returned, the very next day I visited the Authorized Samsung Service Center on CMH Road, Indiranagar but they refused to help as they said they said "they don't deal with S5 and S6 phones and that I had to go to Malleshwaram which is the head service center which I did the same day.
    4. The Service Technician Lady (Bhavya) checked the phone, and then handed the phone to me ( I am not sure what else was done) she said the only problem was my battery which was below charge level and buck boosted my battery. The phone then resumed, I waited for sometime and the phone appeared okay. but when I reached home I found the phone was in a hung/unresponsive state.
    5. After charging the full night and letting the phone update over WIFI, i noticed the next morning that the phone was restarting every few minutes.
    6. Next I went to the Koramangala Samsung Service Center where the staff checked my phone and agreed it was a motherboard problem which required replacing but within 3 hours a Technician by the name of Ganesh called me and told me that my phone is "rooted" and warranty void he was VERY loud and extremely rude and harsh and unwilling to help. When I explained my position he even lied he was the manager and said there was nothing I could do but pay! After meeting the real manager - Ravi or the Koramangala center he was better but stood by their story so I left and went to back to your Malleshwaram Center.
    7. I was again made to wait for a very long time and met the Technician Bhavya whom I met on my first visit.
    She referred my case to Venkat (the head Engineer) who was nice and offered to help but again said that since the code is showing up as rooted in the log file ( KNOX code 0x1). If Rooting was a problem, why wasn’t I told the first time when I went.

    Please can I request you to understand from your technical experience with Samsung please accept repair my phone being assured that I have not rooted any phone. Also As My Phone has gone through Multiple service centers, It could have been possible that if it was rooted, one of the employees has done it.

    I also wish to further escalate this case to the consumer court to help ensure there are no more gullible consumers at the mercy of pathetic sales after service and buyers better beware before purchasing SAMSUNG phones.

    SAMSUNG is resorting to unruly measures and threatening me over the phone and calling multiple times during the day and being told to pay for the repairs when I haven't done anything and am the victim here.

    I have spent 55000 + on the phone and cannot and will not pay Rs. 12000 for repairing a faulty MANUFACTURING ERROR on the phone.

    SAMSUNG is cheating me
    08-30-2015 04:06 AM
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    I apologize you are having issues but this section is for asking questions. We aren't Samsung so we cannot escalate anything for you. I would suggest giving them a call and asking to speak to a supervisor.

    Good luck!
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    08-31-2015 10:46 AM

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