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    Sorry, I know similar questions have been asked dozens of times but none of them seem to address precisely what I'm talking about. Years ago I uploaded my entire music library to google music. I use this primarily to access on my Samsung Galaxy S4. Works great. But sometimes I'm not in a good service area, on a run, on a plane, etc. and I'd like to download all this music onto my SD card. I have plenty of room. I've seen how to do this one album at a time but I'd like to do it all with one push of the screen. I did move a few folders to the SD manually and accessed through Google Music but now I have doubles of some of the files. I hope this question makes sense and appreciate any help anyone can offer.
    08-30-2015 11:28 AM
  2. jasonthomasdesign's Avatar
    So far the best solution I've found is
    • Go on your computer, log into Google Music and go to My Library > Songs
    • Highlight all your music and add that to a Playlist
    • On your phone, you can select to download that playlist to your SD card

    Unfortunately, Google Music for some reason has a 999 song limit for playlists, so if you have a library larger than that, you'll have to select the first 999 tracks in your library, add to a playlist, then select the next 999 songs to another playlist, so on, so forth. It's a bit tedious but it'll get the job done.
    09-25-2015 03:54 AM

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