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    I don't have Bluetooth in my '06 Ram, so to play MP3s, Pandora or whatever, I just plug a basic stereo audio cable into the headphone jack and then into the aux input of the stereo in my truck. For whatever reason, this audio connection into the phone makes it do stupid stuff. It turns the volume way down and makes the audio stop and start. It acts like there is some intermittent connection inside the thing that randomly causes these . But that should just male the audio go in and out. Why does it pause the audio and male the volume go way down? It's just a stereo audio cable, no different than a headphone jack. This problem wasn't there when I first got the phone; it started after about 6 months. I had the same situation with all the Motorola phones I've had, but I never had the problem with the GS4 I had. What's the deal?
    08-30-2015 12:06 PM

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