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    I recently picked up an 8’ tablet from North Korea called "The Morning” or in Korean “AhChim”. Paid just over $100 for it so it’s not something I have a huge investment in. Looks like the hardware is Chinese "Allwinner", possibly assembled in NK but the Android system is definitely a North Korean version. Not surprisingly they have the system pretty locked down with no wifi and it seems to be restricted to only installing their approved apps which apparently can only be installed via their intranet. All this being said, if possible it would be nice to Root it so I can install some more useful apps, even if it only ends up being an ebook reader (the pre-installed NK book reader won’t open any of my ebooks, no surprises there as it's intended to be used by North Koreans). I can connect it to my PC to copy files over so it is recognized by my computer. I’ve tried rooting with the several PC based programs available online, but each one has failed to see the device. I can copy over .apk files but they refuse to install. Everything I've tried to install says in Korean that they are “not registered”. Also, I cannot turn “USB Debugging” on because if it is there I can't find it. I've tried to enable Developer Mode via hitting the build number seven times, but it failed to work. Tried the other numbers on the screen (it’s all in Korean) sever times too without success. Seems like Developer Mode and USB Debugging are purposely not able to be turned on, which again would be no surprise. It would be great to get this thing rooted and a bit more useful than it currently is. Otherwise I’ll just have a cool souvenir from North Korea to show my friends. It does sing a nice Korean song when it boots though! Would appreciate any expert advice.
    08-31-2015 12:19 AM

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