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    Hello forum,

    Here's a question that has gotten me rather curious to know the answer.

    When I go to settings/storage, it shows the allocated storage space, which is color coded for applications, pictures/videos, audio, cached, etc...

    Out of 16.00 GB space, it says I still have 3.28 GB of space remaining, BUT it says I have 21.46 GB of applications????

    This is on top of 5.9 GB in the miscellaneous files category.

    How could this be possible? The sum of applications + miscellaneous is already 10 GB more than I should be able to accommodate. ..

    On my SD card I have used 29.27 GB, and I have 10.44 GB remaining.

    Thank you in advance for any explanations you can offer.
    09-01-2015 08:44 AM

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